Ms Cassidy’s Classroom Blog.

Upon researching a ‘sharing teacher’ – a teacher that is sharing what they do online, as apart of a learning activity this week, I stumbled aimlessly across a weblog entitled Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog.

classroom blog

This weblog is from a class of 6 year olds in Canada and not only shares pictures and special activities going on within the classroom, i.e. Pancake Day, but also invaluable ICT resources such as Videos Just For Us and Learning with Twitter.

The absolute BEST thing about this weblog though is that the 20 students in the class and actively involved within the ICT. They can comment and add any discussion to the page they like about their learning and the teacher also provides an individual page for each student which they are solely responsible for keeping up to date, and posting evidence of their learning. This link is to the page a girl in the class named ‘Allie’. In this page she introduces herself and things she likes. Allie has uploaded a variety of learning activities and samples of work that she has completed within her class. Allie states:

“My favourite school thing is iPads”

This is an exceptional idea of incorporating ICT into student learning as well as provide students parents and families an artefact in which they can see exactly their students learning and development. A fantastic idea Ms Cassidy, one which I also now hope to incorporate into my future classrooms! 🙂

I have shown my appreciation for Ms Cassidy’s Classroom Blog by reaching out to her via her classroom blog. I have left a comment on her weblog which can be found here!

Fellow classmate Alysha Dickson who has also recently completed this learning activity, has identified a ‘sharing teacher’ in which she admits she as “fell in love with this teacher’s creativity and ideas instantly!”. Her link to ‘Down Under Teacher’ can be found here.

1 thought on “Ms Cassidy’s Classroom Blog.

  1. Reblogged this on Alysha's ICT Development Journey! and commented:
    Through my PLN I have found another great teacher blog! Kathleen posted about this Canadian primary school teacher’s blog, called ‘Ms Cassidy’s Classroom Blog’. I really love that this teacher lets her children have a sense of ownership over their learning through the use of ICTs. The children in her class each have their own page where they can update and discuss their learning which is then made available to their parents. Thanks for sharing Kathleen!

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